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A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute The Institute coordinates diversity education programs for schools, universities, corporations, community organizations, and law enforcement agencies in an effort to combat prejudice, promote democratic ideals, and strengthen pluralism

Action for a Better Community A Denver-based organization founded in 1992 to campaign for the improvement of living conditions of minorities in Colorado

Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center A Los Angeles, CA-based center that provides young people with programs that will enhance their educational and personal lives

ALANA - (African, Latino, Asian, Native and American) A Brattleboro, Vt.-based program that brings together communities of color and government institutions by addressing various social issues in a culturally sensitive manner

Anytown The program is an award-winning summer program created by The National Conference for youth and emerging leaders to focus on reducing prejudice and increasing understanding among people of different races and ethnicities

Appreciating Differences Among People and Things Project Appreciating Differences Among People and Things Project in St. Cloud, MN, provides leadership to individuals, organizations and agencies which encourages them to implement programs that promote diversity.

Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center The Phoenix-based center increases the education and economic opportunities of low-income Phoenix area residents by providing various skills training and education programs

Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition The Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition enhances community awareness and motivates people to build bridges between the Black and Jewish communities.

Beaver Race Initiative Development Group Effort A Beaver Falls, PA program that brings people together to discuss race relations in their communities

Belmont Against Racism Belmont Against Racism, in Belmont, MA, focuses on reducing racism And exclusionary practices through community education.

Bicultural Training Partnership A partnership created to build the capacity and strength of Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations, which assist many new residents to adjust and contribute to life in the United States

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Diversity Initiatives A special effort implemented by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to increase diversity among the staff and volunteers

Black and White Boston Coming Together, Inc. A Boston-based organization that brings people of different races together in both professional and social settings

Black History Tours A Dade County, FL-based activity that provides tours of African American historical sites

Black/Jewish Forum of Baltimore, Inc. A Baltimore, MD organization that promotes respect and understanding between the African American and Jewish communities

Bridges Across Racial Polarization A St. Louis, MO organization that sponsors programs to encourage cross-racial relationships

Bridging Difference, YWCA of Wausau A project coordinated by the YWCA of Wausau to increase awareness and understanding between different cultural and ethnic groups, and to eliminate fear and misunderstanding through workshops, public forums and art

Bridging the Gap Project, Inc. An Atlanta, GA area project designed to improve the quality of life of Georgia's refugee and immigrant communities through crisis intervention, education and youth outreach

Brooklyn Unity Campaign A campaign created to increase communication among Brooklyn's multiethnic citizens and to honor diversity

Brooklyn Unity Campaign

Buffalo State College Equity and Campus Diversity Mini-Grant Program A Buffalo, NY program that addresses discrimination and harassment issues on a college campus

Building an Intercultural Congregation Building an Intercultural Congregation in Louisville, KY, blends religious teaching with racial and cultural sensitivity for racial reconciliation.

Building Just Communities: Reducing Disparities and Racial Segregation An organization began in 1996 to reverse the growing trend of poverty and racial segregation in the Minneapolis/ St Paul metropolitan area

Campus Climate Plan A program operated by San Jose State University that addresses issues on campus that affect the stability and well-being of the student population

Can't We All Just Get Along? A Lima, OH program that encourages dialogue among individuals so they can explore racism in their daily lives

Casa Heiwa Tenant Council Casa Heiwa Tenant Council, located in the "Little Tokyo" section of Los Angeles designs tenant programs which encourage intercultural understanding, awareness and harmony.

Center for Living Democracy The Center publishes information that provides practical lessons and success stories that help lead to cross-cultural collaboration in solving community problems

Chicanos Por La Causa The Phoenix-based organization is a community development corporation formed in 1969 by concerned Hispanic citizens to address social issues in their community

Children of the Dream A program that brings Ethiopian Jews living in Israel to Los Angeles high schools in order to build bridges of understanding

Children's Outreach Center An East Palo Alto, CA center that works with children and mothers to promote self-esteem

Choose One A Lakewood, CO-based program that reduces bias and stereotyping in Colorado

Citizens Project A Colorado Springs, CO project that sponsors programs, events and discussions to engage people in dialogues on diversity and tolerance

Citizens Upholding Racial Equality The Freemont, Ohio-based organizations was created in October 1996 by the First Presbyterian Church in Freemont to discuss racial issues in the city

City Year The Boston-based program began in 1988 to generate community service projects that break down social barriers, inspire citizens to civic action, develop new leaders for the common good, and improve and promote the concept of voluntary national service

Coalition for Asian Pacific American Youth Coalition for Asian Pacific American Youth, Boston, MA, is a youth-led multi-ethnic and multiracial coalition for advocacy.

Coalition For Mutual Respect A New Rochelle, NY organization that sponsors activities to bring together blacks and Jews in the area

Coming Together Project An Akron, OH effort that brings more than 200 organizations together to operate various programs -- including workshops, an annual "Race/Walk,"" public forums, and a speakers bureau -- to improve race relations

Common Ground Common Ground in Hartford, CT, teaches both leadership skills and multicultural appreciation to children of various ethnic backgrounds.

Common Ground Program A New Orleans, LA based program designed to create and facilitate discussions on race relations. A primary emphasis of the program is in training participants to become moderators for discussions on race

Community Action Project A faith-based organization founded in 1992 by clergy and lay leaders in Brooklyn to bring different ethnic and racial groups together to address the social and economic issues that concern them

Community Building Task Force A Charlotte, NC task force that engages institutions and grassroots leaders in constructive interracial dialogue to build an inclusive community

Community Change, Inc. A Boston, MA program that works to end racism in the city

Community Circles on Schools, Housing and Race A project founded to advance public understanding of the growing economic and racial segregation and disparities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and to develop constructive community responses to these challenges

Community Connection A support system for collaborative activities created to encourage positive relationships among members of multicultural communities

Community Cousins An Encinitas, CA program that promotes friendship among people of different backgrounds by encouraging interaction between individual families

Community Diversity Appreciation Teams The Columbia, Iowa-based program was founded in 1994 by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to develop community-wide plans to fight discrimination and teach the value of diversity

Community Enhancement Program A Flint, MI program that uses public forums to engage members of the community in dialogues on race

Community in Contact A Bridgeport, CT program that engages individuals, churches and the community in dialogues on race

Community Outreach A Washington, DC program that encourages civic participation among people of racial backgrounds

CommUNITY Pride The E. Jackson, Ohio-based organization was formed by local citizens in 1994 to recognize and strengthen the abilities of the citizens of the Appalachian Ohio communities

CommUnity-St. Louis A St. Louis, MO intervention program that focuses on decreasing racial polarization and institutional racism

CommUNITY: Different People...Common Ground A Cincinnati, OH program that uses dialogue to bring people together to promote understanding and solve community problems

Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Committee An organization founded to restore a sense of community in Contra Costa cities and teach people how to address and resolve the issues that concern them most.

Conversations on Race Conversations on Race, in South Bend, IN, works to create a racially and culturally sensitive environment through dialogue.

Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee A Coral Springs, FL committee that sponsors educational and cultural programs to address the needs of an increasingly diverse community

Cultural Diversity Resources Cultural Diversity Resources focuses on programs that improve racial understanding between both "new" and "old" Minnesota and North Dakota immigrants

Days of Dialogue A Los Angeles, CA effort to promote dialogue among diverse groups of people on difficult issues of the day

Delhi Center The Delhi Center is a nonprofit organization that works with a diverse Hispanic community to address social, economic and immigration issues in Santa Ana, California

Democracy Resource Center The Lexington-based center began in 1990 under the auspices of the Kentucky Local Governance Project to encourage residents to take a greater interest and involvement in local government

DIALOGO: An Education Program to Improve Human Relations A Raleigh, N.C.-based program that uses art to education people about racial stereotypes

Dialogue: Racism A Houston, TX program that seeks to end prejudice and racism by examining stereotypes, overt racism and subtle racism

Diversity and Racial Equity Summit Meetings and Roundtables Diversity and Racial Equity Roundtables in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois which actively address issues focusing on the media, conflict resolution and education

Diversity Initiative Program, Florida International University A Miami, FL program that implements efforts that promote diversity on a university campus

Diversity Roundtables A Pittsburgh, PA program that allows college students to discuss and debate issues related to diversity on campus

Double Discovery Center A New York, NY program that assists minority students who exhibit serious academic need, while instilling them with confidence, pride, curiosity and hope needed to complete secondary school and embark upon the path of higher education

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative A Roxbury, MA program that enlists participation of local residents to direct the improvement efforts within their own community

DuPage Media and Community Network A Wheaton, IL effort that brings religious and media leaders together to review, discuss and improve the representation of people of color in the media

Eracism A New Orleans, LA-based program that works with people of different races to improve racial tolerance and increase racial dialogue

FAITHS Initiative A San Francisco, CA-based initiative operated by faith-based organizations to develop programs that encourage social interaction among different races

Fifth Avenue Committee FAC is a housing and redevelopment community organization in Brooklyn, New York that works to improve the standard of living in a predominantly low-income area with a diverse population

Forum on Race A Seattle, WA forum that engages the general public in conversations on race

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church A San Francisco, CA church that operates social service programs for people in the neighborhood

Greater Philadelphia High School Partnership: Students United in Service A Philadelphia, PA program that encourages students to participate in academic and community-service programs

Green Circle Program A human relations education program designed to promote intergroup relationships

Haitian Citizens Police Academy/Haitian Roving Patrol An community alliance formed to allow community residents a measure of control in policing their own neighborhoods

Hands Across Cultures Corp. An Espanola, NM effort that brings together businesses, schools and community members in a coalition that supports activities designed to improve the health and social well being of minority youth

Hartford Areas Rally Together A Hartford, CT community development organization that focuses on employment, youth, housing and community mobilization issues

Help Increase the Peace Project Project The Kansas City, Mo.-based project was developed in 1990 by the American Friends Service Committee staff in Syracuse, New York, to address violence in schools

Hope in the Cities The Richmond-based organization is an interracial, multi-faith network that bridges racial divides by hosting a series of constructive dialogues on race and ensuring the participation of government and non-governmental personnel in the dialogue

Illinois Ethnic Coalition The Chicago-based coalition was created in 1971 to bring together Chicago's white ethnic, African American, Asian and Latino communities to work together on projects of common concern

Imagine South Carolina The Charleston-based organization is a six-year statewide effort created in 1996 to increase public dialogue on the issue of race

Inner Strength, Inc. An Atlanta, GA-based anti-gang program that offers tutoring and mentoring to young men

Inter-Faith Bridge Builders Coalition A Utica, NY coalition of clergy who work to end racism and secure equal treatment for everyone

Interfaith Action A multi-faith, multiracial organization that bridges the racial, ethnic and economic diversity in the city and suburbs of Rochester

Interfaith Action for Racial Justice Inc. A Baltimore, MD based coalition that brings nearly 110 organizations (from business, civil rights, educational, ethnic, religious, and community institutions) together to work on racial reconciliation projects involving education,employment, housing and transportation issues

Interior Alaska Center for the Healing of Racism A resource center that promotes racial healing and the recognition and internalization of the oneness of humanity

Interracial Sisterhood Project A Hayward and Los Angeles, CA project that encourages friendships among women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds

Irish Immigration Center The Irish Immigration Center, in Boston, MA., cross-cultural programs counter address racism, advocate immigrant rights and combat discrimination.

Just Solutions Community Mediation Service A full-service community mediation program working with people of different races and cultures

Kansas City Church Community Organization An interfaith federation of congregations organized in response to the rapid racial transition and financial disinvestment experienced by Kansas City's southeast neighborhoods to improve the quality of life

Latino-Jewish Leadership Series The Latino-Jewish Leadership Series is a network between leaders in Hispanic and Jewish communities established to address problems and issues.

Leader Support Groups A St. Louis, Missouri project that brings grassroots leaders together across racial lines to build a network of support and alliance

Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations A Los Angeles, CA based program that uses adult training, youth training and alumni activities to equip people with the skills and background to effectively address race relations in their own communities

Lee County Pulling Together A Fort Myers, FL program that holds public discussions for community leaders to explore how they can reduce racism

Loyola Marymount University CommUNITY Quilt A Los Angeles, CA-based effort that encourages student organizations to interact through racial dialogues and the production of a quilt

Lt. Governor's Committee on Diversity The Dubuque-based committee provides information, resources and support to communities throughout the state of Iowa so they can combat prejudice and racism

Many Faces of Lynn: City of Immigrants A Lynn, Massachusetts program that fosters cultural understanding among the city's diverse youth

Memphis Race Relations and Diversity Institute A Memphis, TN based effort to better city race relations through diversity-awareness training and other opportunities that promote discussion of diversity-related issues

Men Against Destruction - Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder Inc. The Omaha-based organization was founded in 1989 to address the well-being of young people in the community

Metropolitan Human Rights Center The organization was founded to address concerns about racial integration in Portland's schools and housing. The organization operates two programs, the Dynamic Differences Program and Community Dialogue on Race Relations program, that focus on developing a closer understanding of race.

Milestone Adventures An East Montpelier, VT program that sponsors activities that bring people of different races together

Minority Round Table of Hampton Roads A Virginia Beach, VA-based community program that explores race-related issues in public schools

Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) A Billings, MT based organization established to research and expose the racist and anti-Semetic practices of white supremacist groups in Montana

Montgomery County Consejo Latino Year-Long Community Consensus Dialogue on Ethnicity and Race A year long community consensus dialogue on race and ethnicity issues

Moore's Ford Memorial Committee A Bishop, GA-based committee that promotes justice and racial reconciliation in the community

Mosaic Initiative A W. Hartford, CT student-led initiative to bring different campus groups together to reduce isolation

Multicultural Center of Northwest Arkansas The Multicultural Center has been the focal point for community action to improve cultural understanding and relations between different ethnic communities in Washington and Benton Counties.

Multicultural Collaborative A Los Angeles, CA-based program that provides community-based services different racial and ethnic groups in the city

MultiCultural Resource Center A Portland, OR center that has developed educational programs for schools to use to promote racial and cultural understanding

Multicultural Services Program-Catholic Social Services Catholic Social Services delivers comprehensive social services that help immigrants start new lives through economic self-sufficiency and cultural acclimation.

Multicultural Task Force A St. Cloud, MN task force of citizens who are working to ensure that the needs of every member of the community are heard

Multicultural Youth Project A Chicago, Illinois program that promotes multiethnic understanding among Chicago's immigrant and refugee youth

National Center on Black-Jewish Relations A New Orleans, LA center that engages students and community leaders in discussions on how to improve race relations

National Coalition Building Institute The Washington, D.C.-based institute is a nonprofit leadership-training organization founded in 1984 that eliminates prejudice and intergroup conflict in communities around the country

National Conference The Conference fights bias, bigotry, and racism in America through a variety of programs and workshops.

National Conversation on Race, Ethnicity and Culture An organization created to enlighten people about the various cultures that exist within society and to encourage and broaden dialogue among people who have limited interaction with those of different backgrounds

National Italian American Foundation Inter-Ethnic Affairs Institute A coalition engaging Americans of all backgrounds in the effort to promote interracial cross-cultural dialogue and education

National Multicultural Institute An organization that sponsors workshops and training sessions on issues relating to racial and ethnic diversity

National Youth Leadership Mission to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum A Chicago, IL-based program that teaches young people how to fight bigotry and discrimination

Not in Our Town Campaign A media campaign that uses solution-oriented documentaries to demonstrate how individuals can help stop hate motivated violence and intolerance through personal action

Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal The Oakland-based committee was founded in 1954 to address the city's transition to an ethnically and economically diverse community

Operation Understanding DC A Washington, DC based program that works to rebuild the Black-Jewish alliance by training youth to actively fight racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination

Pacific Institute for Community Organization (PICO) PICO is a national network in over 70 cities which focuses on community building and organizing

People and Congregations Together An organization created to change the attitudes and behaviors of families to reduce isolation, increase civic involvement and encourage families to organize around common problems, while stressing the importance of alliances among people of different racial backgrounds

People Reaching Out for Unity and Diversity (PROUD) An ad hoc committee that schedules events focusing on cultural diversity and interracial understanding

People Respecting Other Peoples A San Francisco, CA program designed to increase a school population's awareness of racial and ethnic attitudes

Phoenix Indian Center The Phoenix-based center is a multi-faceted social service organization that provides employment training, education and support services to a predominantly American Indian population

Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project The Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project is a community partnership which provides literacy training and English as a Second Language classes, promotes cross-cultural dialogue and eliminates local problems arising from cultural or language differences

PRO Hampton County (Pride Respect Opportunity) A county-wide, grassroots Healthy Communities Initiative, was formed in 1996 in Hampton County, SC. The taskforce addresses intergroup relations, health and life styles issues. PRO Hampton County places a strong emphasis on education and improving economic opportunity for community members.

Pro-integrative Consultation A Philadelphia, PA-based program that provides guidance to local communities that want to sustain racial integration in their cities

Project Change The program addresses racial prejudice and institutional racism in Levi Strauss and Company plant communities

Project Common Ground A program designed to promote understanding and interaction among students of diverse backgrounds, while increasing their academic skills

Project Respect Project Respect, White Bear Lake, MN, provides a forum for discussion and education on race related issues for community building.

Public Allies A Washington, D.C. program that encourages young people to become involved in community-service projects

Public Conversation Project A Watertown, MA project that sponsors discussions on stereotypes, the importance of diversity and building better relationships among people

Race Relations Dialogue Month A Bridgewater, NJ program that sponsored racial dialogues throughout April 1998

Race Relations Institute of Fisk University A Nashville, TN institute committed to sponsoring forums on race relations

Reaching Out This TV program was produced following 10 weekly town-hall meetings that were held in Oakland, California in 1991

Rebuilding Community Campaign A multiethnic, congregation-based community organization founded to bridge the cultural and socio-economic diversity of Denver, while building new leadership and surfacing new issues in low-income communities throughout the Denver metro area

Rio Hondo Project, San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America The Rio Hondo Project reaches underserved minority youth. It is developed and implemented at the local level to meet community needs.

San Francisco Organizing Project A coalition of labor groups, neighborhood groups and low-income housing organizations, which works to empower local residents to create safer, cleaner, prosperous communities and to bridge cultural, ethnic and racial differences

Santos Rodriguez Project A Seattle, WA project that studies Chicano/Latino/Mexicano history and the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Scarritt-Bennett Center The Scarritt-Bennett Center is a nonprofit conference, retreat, and educational center committed to providing cross-cultural understanding, education, and creativity

Seeking Common Ground A Denver, CO-based program that brings people from various racial, cultural, religious and political backgrounds together to increase their understanding of and respect for each other

Shared Mission Focus on Young People An initiative of the United Methodist Church that helps the denomination to respond more effectively to the needs of young people and to bring about peace and reconciliation

SHINE (Seeking Harmony In Neighborhoods Everyday) A Princeton, NJ program that sponsors workshops for racially diverse children to learn tolerance, non-violence and self-esteem

Southern Indiana Study Circles on Race Relations Southern Indiana Study Circles on Race Relations in Jeffersonville, IN, builds understanding through dialogue and cooperative effort

Springfield Vietnamese-American Civil Association Springfield Vietnamese-American Civil Association in Springfield, MA, serves as an advocate for the Southeast Asian refugee and immigrant community through liaison work with local social service agencies.

St. Paul's Multi-ethnic Center, Inc. A Woodside, NY center that reaches out to immigrants and helps them integrate into the community

Street Science With Dominique DiPrima A Los Angeles, CA radio program on race that allows listeners to interact with guest commentators

Study Circles Resource Center The Study Circles Resource Center promotes the use of small-group, democratic, highly participatory discussions known as study circles on critical social and political issues

The Club An organization founded to improve communication and cooperative involvement in community affairs between blacks and whites

Three Valleys Project: A Project of the Common Enterprise The Oregon-based project is a two-year project designed to build bridges of understanding and community and civic engagement among people of different cultures

Tools for Tolerance for Professionals, Biet Hashoah Museum of Tolerance A Los Angeles, CA based seminar program designed to raise public awareness of intolerance and to help professionals--including law enforcement officers, educators, attorneys, city employees, health care providers and social workers--become more sensitive to their clients' needs

Two Towns: One Community A New Jersey-based organization that develops strategies to sustain racial balance in the housing market

United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) The Oklahoma City-based program was formed in 1976 to promote unity within individual families and tribes, and also among American Indian tribes and other peoples

Uniting Neighbors in Truth and Equality (UNITE) A Huntington, WV organization -- made up of representatives from state and local governments, educational institutions, and businesses -- that support programs that promote diversity awareness and racial reconciliation

Unity in the Community A Manassas, VA-based program that sponsors programs to educate the public about racial and religious tolerance

Unity Week: Seven Days of Harmony A Tulsa, OK 1995 effort that lasted over a one-week period and featured events that raised the racial consciousness of the city

Up With People A Broomfield, CO program that fosters leadership, global awareness and commitment to service among young people

US and THEM: The Challenge of Diversity A Detroit, MI program that helps people appreciate the dynamics common to prejudice and conflict

We're All On The Same Team Cultural Diversity Education Program A program implemented to work with the city's growing diversity and to encourage Phoenix residents to embrace their differences and come together as "one team"

World Communities of Louisville, Inc. A program that celebrates cultural diversity in Louisville, Kentucky

Young Heroes Program The Boston-based program was created in 1995 to unite sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds to perform community service

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