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Program: SHINE (Seeking Harmony In Neighborhoods Everyday), Princeton, NJ
Contact(s): Alan Rambam, Founder: (215) 295-1292
Purpose: To reduce violence, promote positive dialogue, increase self- esteem and end racial prejudices among students through education

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The SHINE program began in 1995 to help the racially and ethnically diverse children of the United States learn to interact and live together without intolerance and racial prejudice. The program was established in memory of the death of Alan Rambam's mother, a schoolteacher killed in a hit-and-run car accident who had spent her career promoting cultural harmony, diversity and nonviolence.

Program Operations

SHINE reaches out to school-aged children throughout the United States to encourage them to participate in workshops on three critical subjects: tolerance, non-violence, and self-esteem. Upon completing these courses, children sign the SHINE Unity Pledge that confirms their understanding of everything they have learned and commits them to act positively and responsibly concerning issues on diversity, racial unity, nonviolence and tolerance. Together as one unified group, each school then creates a SHINE Unity Art Project. In October 2000, SHINE will hold National Unity Day to commemorate every child who participated in the program. The day will consist of children nationwide working on community-service projects and culminate with a celebration on the Mall in Washington, D.C., to showcase all of the Unity Art Projects.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

Over 400 children have participated in workshops on diversity and multiculturalism. They also participated in public art and mural projects. In Texas, over 1,500 corporate and community volunteers worked on a children's project that took place in a park. In March 1998, SHINE created a Website ( that features curricula for teachers, as well as activities for parents and care givers. In addition, SHINE is publishing a celebrity book for kids that includes artwork and stories from celebrities on how to promote cultural harmony, diversity and nonviolence.

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