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Program: People and Congregations Together, Stockton, CA
Contact(s): Tom Amato, Executive Director: (209) 472-2179
Purpose: To build a multiracial, multi-issue, democratic organization that will be a voice for low- and moderate-income families

Background Program Operations Outcomes


Founded in 1996, People and Congregations Together (PACT) for Stockton believes that the resolution to the county's problems lies in empowering families to create positive change. PACT helps congregations build their own local organizations that will address community affairs in a constructive and positive fashion. PACT is affiliated with the Pacific Institute for Community Organizations (PICO), a long-standing community organizing group that provides leadership training to organizations across the country.

Program Operations

PACT seeks to change the attitudes and behaviors of families to reduce isolation, increase civic involvement and encourage families to organize around common problems for the prosperity of the community as a whole. PACT stresses the importance of creating alliances among people of different racial backgrounds as a way to increase communication among all people. PACT provides participants with skills in community-organizing, governmental structures and empowerment through facilitated presentations and activism. Participants receive guidance on how to create coalitions, build community alliances and improve the economic development of their neighborhoods. Leaders are currently involved in forming mentoring groups for students and helping congregations develop local economic development efforts.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

In May 1997, PACT gained the mayor's support to secure funding to expand the number of homework centers in Stockton. In June 1997, the city council approved $200,000 to help the existing centers expand and create seven new centers. Today, 10 centers are in existence. PACT has also worked to improve unsanitary conditions in one neighborhood and safety in various neighborhoods.

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