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Program: Choose One, Lakewood, CO
Contact(s): Caryll Luke Cram, Executive Director: (303) 914-6213
Purpose: To help reduce bias and stereotyping in the state of Colorado

Background Program Operations Outcomes


During the last three years, the Colorado Institute for Gender Equity (The Institute) developed materials to promote equity/diversity issues for Colorado's educators, businesses and community leaders. The Institute was designed to help establish a statewide network and clearinghouse for information on equity. In November of 1996, The Institute brought a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic team of experts together to design a program that would help reduce bias and stereotyping in the state of Colorado. The program is called Choose One. Choose One opens the doors to positive communication that were previous barriers to people understanding each other, by recommending unique ways people can talk and interact with each other through activities, programs and projects.

Program Operations

Choose One embraces all ideas of positive interaction among groups of diverse people within Colorado. On April 17, 1997, The Institute introduced Choose One at a statewide conference that presented "101 Ways to Help Prepare Colorado for the 21st Century." At this conference, individuals were asked to sign a contract listing at least one activity they will do to reduce biases. Instead of passing legislation and implementing programs to change others, Choose One believes it is time for individuals to make a commitment to change their personal behavior. The initiative asks each person to do one thing to promote equitable outcomes in their state, organization, school, community or family.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

The Colorado Institute for Gender Equity publishes a quarterly newsletter with information on issues such as equity, upcoming conferences and grant information. For additional information, visit their Website at

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