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Program: Unity Week: Seven Days of Harmony, Tulsa, OK
Contact(s): Sister Sylvia Schmidt, Executive Director: (918) 582-3147
Purpose: To eradicate prejudice and hatred in Tulsa and to celebrate the different religious and cultural diversity

Background Program Operations Outcomes


In November 1991, the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (TMM), invited the City of Tulsa to sponsor a conference that would look at the way race will affect individuals in the 21st century and suggest solutions to racism. Following this event, the TMM established a task force to carry out the recommendations of the conference participants. The task force consisted of representatives from the media, education, business and government. In 1995, TMM sponsored a week-long event--Unity Week: Seven Days of Harmony--in response to the Oklahoma City bombing, the rise in hate crimes and the approaching 75th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa race riots.

Program Operations

The main goal of Unity Week was to create a series of events that would allow people to participate in raising the racial consciousness of the city. A steering committee was formed to oversee all of the week's activities. Each day a different sector of the community (media, government, education, etc.) took the lead in organizing specific public forums. The steering committee was also responsible for fundraising, public relations and problem solving.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

Over 1,000 people attended the opening rally in support of Unity Week. The Tulsa World, the local newspaper, dedicated 18 staff people to cover the week. The media coverage of the events was extensive, providing a catalyst for raising the racial consciousness in the city of Tulsa. The organizers of Unity Week work with various groups that are interested in sponsoring other events that promote racial reconciliation.

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