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Action for a Better Community A Denver-based organization founded in 1992 to campaign for the improvement of living conditions of minorities in Colorado

Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center A Los Angeles, CA-based center that provides young people with programs that will enhance their educational and personal lives

American Indian Science Technology Education Consortium A consortium established in 1994 to create a model for moving American Indian students from elementary school to Ph.D. programs, and to provide resources for tribal colleges

Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center The Phoenix-based center increases the education and economic opportunities of low-income Phoenix area residents by providing various skills training and education programs

Asian Counseling and Referral Service Asian Counseling and Referral Service provides bilingual and bicultural human services and advocates for these services

Asian Neighborhood Design, Inc. The San Francisco-based organization operates programs that focus on business development, employment training, and housing and community development

BRIDGES: A School Inter Ethnic Relations Program A Santa Ana, CA program that values racial and ethnic diversity in schools

Campus Climate Plan A program operated by San Jose State University that addresses issues on campus that affect the stability and well-being of the student population

Casa Heiwa Tenant Council Casa Heiwa Tenant Council, located in the "Little Tokyo" section of Los Angeles designs tenant programs which encourage intercultural understanding, awareness and harmony.

Center for Educational Equity An organization created to assist schools and school districts in providing equal access and opportunities for all students, and to provide the latest information regarding effective practices used to improve race relations

Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence A five-year program began in 1996 to conduct research, development and training, which focuses on critical issues relating to the education of minority students and students deemed at-risk by factors of race, poverty and geographic location

Chicanos Por La Causa The Phoenix-based organization is a community development corporation formed in 1969 by concerned Hispanic citizens to address social issues in their community

Children of the Dream A program that brings Ethiopian Jews living in Israel to Los Angeles high schools in order to build bridges of understanding

Children's Outreach Center An East Palo Alto, CA center that works with children and mothers to promote self-esteem

Choose One A Lakewood, CO-based program that reduces bias and stereotyping in Colorado

Citizens Project A Colorado Springs, CO project that sponsors programs, events and discussions to engage people in dialogues on diversity and tolerance

Community Cousins An Encinitas, CA program that promotes friendship among people of different backgrounds by encouraging interaction between individual families

Community-Based Fire Protection Program, Los Angeles Fire Department A Los Angeles Fire Department effort to promote community and involvement and better integrate itself into Los Angeles' socially and ethnically diverse communities through a variety of education and outreach projects

Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Committee An organization founded to restore a sense of community in Contra Costa cities and teach people how to address and resolve the issues that concern them most.

Cradleboard Teaching Project The Hawaii-based project nurtures the self-esteem of both Indian and non-Indian children by improving cultural awareness and relations

Days of Dialogue A Los Angeles, CA effort to promote dialogue among diverse groups of people on difficult issues of the day

Delhi Center The Delhi Center is a nonprofit organization that works with a diverse Hispanic community to address social, economic and immigration issues in Santa Ana, California

Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program A Los, Angeles-CA based program created to train county employees to recognize the value of diversity in the workforce

Diversity Team Project A project which teaches youth in San Jose, California lessons on race relations and similarities among different cultures

Diversity/Harmony Mural Project A project created to give students an understanding of the diverse cultures that make up the United States and to promote diversity and harmony

E Pluribus Unum: Multicultural Institute for Teachers A Downey, CA program that trains teachers in promoting diversity as part of their curricula

EMPIRE: Exemplary Multicultural Practices in Rural Education A Toppenish, WA consortium of elementary and secondary schools that educates staff and students about living in a diverse society

FAITHS Initiative A San Francisco, CA-based initiative operated by faith-based organizations to develop programs that encourage social interaction among different races

Forum on Race A Seattle, WA forum that engages the general public in conversations on race

Fulfillment Fund The Los Angeles-based organization assists disadvantaged students in completing high school and advancing their education

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church A San Francisco, CA church that operates social service programs for people in the neighborhood

Great Leap, Inc. A nonprofit Asian American performing arts organization dedicated to the principal of deepening understanding and promoting harmony between the diverse cultural groups of America

Hands Across Cultures Corp. An Espanola, NM effort that brings together businesses, schools and community members in a coalition that supports activities designed to improve the health and social well being of minority youth

Hoop of Learning Partnership A Phoenix, Arizona project which provides needed assistance to Native American students, colleges and universities and increases the presence of Native American students in higher education.

Human Efforts at Relating Together: A Student Mediation Program The Los Angeles-based program was created in 1991 to encourage and train youth as conflict-resolution facilitators in on-campus disputes

Interior Alaska Center for the Healing of Racism A resource center that promotes racial healing and the recognition and internalization of the oneness of humanity

Interracial Sisterhood Project A Hayward and Los Angeles, CA project that encourages friendships among women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds

L.A. CITY KIDZ A nonprofit, multicultural, multiethnic performance choir, which promotes collaboration among all children as a means to make communities and cities more harmonious places in which to live

Latino-Jewish Leadership Series The Latino-Jewish Leadership Series is a network between leaders in Hispanic and Jewish communities established to address problems and issues.

Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations A Los Angeles, CA based program that uses adult training, youth training and alumni activities to equip people with the skills and background to effectively address race relations in their own communities

Leadership for Equity, Antiracism, Diversity, and Educational Reform A Los Angeles, CA program that supports teachers in promoting educational equity, justice, cultural inclusion and self-esteem

Loyola Marymount University CommUNITY Quilt A Los Angeles, CA-based effort that encourages student organizations to interact through racial dialogues and the production of a quilt

M.O.S.A.I.C. Leadership Class A Sunnyvale, CA class for high school students to share ideas and attitudes they have about race and diversity

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) Customer Service and Cultural Diversity Program A Phoenix, AZ based program that educates health care providers to be aware of and sensitive to different cultural norms and mores

Metropolitan Human Rights Center The organization was founded to address concerns about racial integration in Portland's schools and housing. The organization operates two programs, the Dynamic Differences Program and Community Dialogue on Race Relations program, that focus on developing a closer understanding of race.

Middle School Institute for the Study of World Peace A Northridge, California program that engages middle school students in a year long study of the requisite conditions for peace and fosters an understanding of diversity

Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) A Billings, MT based organization established to research and expose the racist and anti-Semetic practices of white supremacist groups in Montana

Multicultural Collaborative A Los Angeles, CA-based program that provides community-based services different racial and ethnic groups in the city

MultiCultural Resource Center A Portland, OR center that has developed educational programs for schools to use to promote racial and cultural understanding

Native American Day A Fallon, NV-based activity that educates elementary children about Native American culture

Native American Student Services, Phoenix College A Phoenix, Arizona program that helps Native American students integrate into life on campus

News Watch Project A San Francisco, CA project that monitors the media for fair and accurate coverage

Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment A Seattle, WA coalition committed to ending discriminatory violence and organized bigotry

Not in Our Town Campaign A media campaign that uses solution-oriented documentaries to demonstrate how individuals can help stop hate motivated violence and intolerance through personal action

Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal The Oakland-based committee was founded in 1954 to address the city's transition to an ethnically and economically diverse community

OpNet: The Multimedia Opportunities Program A San Francisco, CA based program designed to assist economically disadvantaged minorities gain employment in the multimedia industry by providing participants with resources, training and internships

Palms Council Project A Los Angeles, CA project that works with young people to promote multiculturalism and the value of diversity

People and Congregations Together An organization created to change the attitudes and behaviors of families to reduce isolation, increase civic involvement and encourage families to organize around common problems, while stressing the importance of alliances among people of different racial backgrounds

People Respecting Other Peoples A San Francisco, CA program designed to increase a school population's awareness of racial and ethnic attitudes

Phoenix Indian Center The Phoenix-based center is a multi-faceted social service organization that provides employment training, education and support services to a predominantly American Indian population

Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project The Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project is a community partnership which provides literacy training and English as a Second Language classes, promotes cross-cultural dialogue and eliminates local problems arising from cultural or language differences

Prejudice Across America College Tour A Spokane, WA program that sponsors a cross-country tour for students to learn about prejudice in America

Principles of Community, UC Davis The Principles of Community at the University of California, Davis is committed to equity, access, diversity, and freedom of expression, and it rejects all forms of discrimination and hatred

Project Change The program addresses racial prejudice and institutional racism in Levi Strauss and Company plant communities

Project Uplift Project Uplift stimulates interest in mathematics, science and engineering, helps young people prepare for careers in these fields and works to ensure that participants are reflective of the population mix of New Mexico

Radio BilingŁe, Inc. A nonprofit organization which uses using radio to promote cultural understanding, provide opportunity for public dialogue and celebrate of cultures

Reaching Out This TV program was produced following 10 weekly town-hall meetings that were held in Oakland, California in 1991

Rebuilding Community Campaign A multiethnic, congregation-based community organization founded to bridge the cultural and socio-economic diversity of Denver, while building new leadership and surfacing new issues in low-income communities throughout the Denver metro area

Rio Hondo Project, San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America The Rio Hondo Project reaches underserved minority youth. It is developed and implemented at the local level to meet community needs.

San Francisco Organizing Project A coalition of labor groups, neighborhood groups and low-income housing organizations, which works to empower local residents to create safer, cleaner, prosperous communities and to bridge cultural, ethnic and racial differences

Santos Rodriguez Project A Seattle, WA project that studies Chicano/Latino/Mexicano history and the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Seeking Common Ground A Denver, CO-based program that brings people from various racial, cultural, religious and political backgrounds together to increase their understanding of and respect for each other

Shades of L.A. A Pasadena, CA-based radio program that encourages dialogues on race

Skin Deep This documentary film was made in 1995 in response to increasing racial tensions and incidents of racial violence on college campuses

St. HOPE Academy A Sacramento, CA-based program offers a structured, positive environment for educational opportunities, leadership training, character development, spiritual growth and physical well-being to disadvantaged, minority and low-income youth

Start Up An East Palo Alto, CA program that encourages the growth of small minority-owned businesses in the area

Street Science With Dominique DiPrima A Los Angeles, CA radio program on race that allows listeners to interact with guest commentators

Students Talk About Race A Los Angeles, CA program that works with college, middle and high school students on how to discuss the issue of race

Summer of Unity and Liberation (SOUL) The San Francisco-based company grew out of the 1995 student movement at the University of California-Berkeley to support affirmative action

Television Race Initiative The Television Race Initiative presents a number of entertaining, high profile and provocative programs that deal with race which will air nationally on PBS

Three Valleys Project: A Project of the Common Enterprise The Oregon-based project is a two-year project designed to build bridges of understanding and community and civic engagement among people of different cultures

Tools for Tolerance for Professionals, Biet Hashoah Museum of Tolerance A Los Angeles, CA based seminar program designed to raise public awareness of intolerance and to help professionals--including law enforcement officers, educators, attorneys, city employees, health care providers and social workers--become more sensitive to their clients' needs

Up With People A Broomfield, CO program that fosters leadership, global awareness and commitment to service among young people

Walk In My Shoes Student Symposium A Santa Ana, CA program that teaches young people how to talk about the issue of race, and build understanding and tolerance

We're All On The Same Team Cultural Diversity Education Program A program implemented to work with the city's growing diversity and to encourage Phoenix residents to embrace their differences and come together as "one team"

Wind River Initiative The Laramie, Wyo.-based initiative was created to establish a formal link between the University of Wyoming and the Wind River Indian Reservation

Youth Together Project A program that develops multiracial student teams to lead school-based efforts directed to prevent and reduce racial conflicts and violence in five targeted high schools in Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond

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