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Justin Timberlake is an 18-year old singer from Memphis, Tennessee, and the youngest member of the teen musical sensation N'SYNC. Like many well-known artists, Justin started his musical career in church, where he was given the tools and encouragement to develop his talents. Justin's appreciation for his success, coupled with a heartfelt awareness of the importance of giving back, has led him to partner with the Giving Back Fund to create a charitable foundation which will provide schools with the assistance they need to create high-caliber music programs for students. Justin has said that when he was in school, the music programs afforded to him were without the basic tools young artists needed, namely instruments. He hopes his foundation will afford other young people opportunities to express themselves artistically and find musical talents within themselves.

The Giving Back Fund is a national nonprofit organization that helps professional athletes, entertainers and others establish and maintain charitable foundations for philanthropic giving.

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