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Welcome to the White House Conference on Philanthropy: Gifts to the Future. Today's conference is the result of years of discussion about the need to focus national attention on the importance of honoring, sustaining, and expanding the American tradition of giving.

Today, philanthropic experts, youth leaders, donors and innovators who represent a wide range of economic, ethic, racial and religious backgrounds will join together to highlight the unique tradition of giving that characterizes American democracy. More specifically, we will discuss the diverse and changing face of philanthropy and explore how to sustain and expand our tradition for future generations.

A portion of today's program will be broadcast via satellite, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for communities across the country to participate in this important discussion. Together we can help Americans better understand how they can make a difference in the lives of others and how they can continue a legacy of giving in years to come.

It is a pleasure to have you join us here in the East Room of the White House. As we approach the next century and a new millennium, it is our hope that this conference will leave us all with a renewed spirit to honor our past and imagine our future.

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