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Conference Agenda

The White House Conference on Philanthropy took place on October 22, 1999 in the East Wing of the White House. The following agenda reflects the two hour satellite broadcast.

1:00pm- 3:00pm EST Expanding the American Tradition of Giving
This first session explored ways that the American tradition of philanthropy can be expanded and passed on to future generation as we enter a new century and new millennium.


  • Emmett D. Carson, President and CEO, The Minneapolis Foundation
  • Peter D. Hart, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
  • Dorothy A. Johnson, President, Council on Michigan Foundations
  • Justin R. Timberlake, N'SYNC

New Giving for the New Millennium
American philanthropy, like America itself, is changing. Many new, creative forms of giving will characterize the new century. New donors, particularly those from technology, have become innovators in philanthropy and have found kindred spirits among social entrepreneurs who are applying new thinking and business solutions to community problems. Discussants:

  • Kevin A. Fong, General Partner, Mayfield Fund
  • Catherine Muther, Founder, Three Guineas Fund
  • Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, America Online
  • William P. Massey, President, National Charities Information Bureau
3:00pm- 3:30pm EST Town Hall Discussion Moderated by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
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