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Philanthropic Hero Biography

Washington, D.C.

William Shelton is the Coordinator of Community Relations at Brookland Manor, an assisted housing complex for people of all ages in northeast Washington, D.C. A believer in getting things done, he not only helps those he works with in a professional capacity, he reaches out to help others in a personal capacity. Professionally, he has been a key player in opening a health resource center in the Brookland Manor Community that provides information, screening, and some testing to local residents. Personally, he has worked to help local children realize their dreams of college by helping them fill out financial aid forms and paying out of pocket for their transportation expenses. Mr. Shelton has been known to personally pay a young person's train, bus or airfare to university.

To show his further determination to help young people, William not only gave $500 to KaBoom!, a local nonprofit that builds playgrounds, he convinced Black Entertainment Television to make a $5,000 gift. "I wanted to see every child in this neighborhood have a place where they could just be a child. A playground, even though it's a small step, is a step that will at least mobilize this community.'"

Mr. Shelton says he's fortunate. He and his brother were raised by their mother, a single parent who "struggled for us and always taught us to help others." Bill says that his goal is to help people realize that everyone can use the resources they have to help others. "Just do a bit more than you normally would and you'll see how much you become part of a community."

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