National Economic Council Staff

Senior Staff
Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Director National Economic Council
Melissa Green, Special Assistant
Elliot Baer, Executive Assistant to Mr. Sperling
Jamie Ginott, Scheduler
Lael Brainard, Deputy Assistant to the President
Sharon Yuan, Confidential Assistant to Ms. Brainard
Gigi Georges, Senior Counselor to NEC Director
David Tseng, Staff Director

Policy Staff
Natasha Bilimoria, Policy Advisor
Michael Daum, Policy Advisor
Sean Dobson, Communications Advisor
Patrick Dorton, Communications Director
Jason Furman, Senior Director
Rachael Goldfarb, Executive Assistant
Tom Kalil, Special Assistant to the President
Ron Minsk, Senior Director
Dorothy Robyn, Special Assistant to the President
Ruth Samardick, Policy Advisor
Sarah Rosen Wartell, Senior Advisor

International Economic Group
John Duncan, State Department Representative to Task Force on Trade
Jay Bruns, Director for International Economic Affairs NSC/NEC
Malcolm Lee, Senior Director/Special Assistant to the President
Elaine Mitsler, Administrative Assistant
Timothy Punke, International Economic Policy Advisor
Rick Samans, Special Assistant to the President
Rob Wescott, Special Assistant to the President

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