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Since 1961, when President John F. Kennedy sent the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers to the west African nation of Ghana, 57,500 Volunteers have touched the lives of people across Africa. Today, of the 6,500 Volunteers serving overseas, more than 2,200 are working in 28 African countries, including Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, and Senegal, which President Clinton will visit during his historic trip. Volunteers live and work at the grass-roots level and contribute to Africa's development. They help African teachers improve education for children. Volunteers work with African communities to prevent the spread of AIDS and bring clean water to families. They also help Africans protect their environment, encourage small business development, and improve their farming techniques. At the same time, because they serve for two years, Volunteers learn the languages, cultures, and customs of Africa's people. As they bring this experience home, Volunteers strengthen America's understanding of this important and diverse continent. Through their service, Peace Corps Volunteers are building the bridges of friendship and understanding between Americans and Africans.

President Clinton has urged Congress to join him in a bipartisan effort to expand the Peace Corps to 10,000 Volunteers serving around the world by the year 2000. The Peace Corps invites you visit our web site where you can read essays written by people who have served as Volunteers in Africa and learn more about the contributions that Volunteers are making overseas.

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