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The United States Information Agency (USIA), with posts in 34 African countries, administers international information and exchange programs that further understanding of the United States and its policies. Through such programs, USIA advocates ideals important to the U.S. such as democracy, the free flow of information, and free markets.

To reach audiences throughout the world, USIA employs the press, civic and educational initiatives, print and electronic publications, Voice of America radio, Worldnet television, a wide range of educational and cultural exchange programs, and increasingly, Internet web sites. USIA conducts Fulbright student and scholar programs through which 246 Africans are now in the United States and 117 Americans are in Africa; supports partnerships among 19 U.S. and 19 African universities; and administers the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program for 45 African professionals with a commitment to public service. USIA is currently helping to strengthen a network known as CIVITAS, which consists of individuals and organizations throughout Africa dedicated to the teaching of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy. USIA programs, products, broadcasts and other services for Africa are offered in a number of languages, including French, Portuguese and Hausa.

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