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U.S. efforts to support conflict prevention and resolution in Africa includes improving: the capabilities of the Organization of African Unity (OAU); the capability of sub-regional organizations; the capability of non-governmental organizations (NGOs); supporting African demobilization and retraining; and training Africans in conflict resolution, prevention, management and peacekeeping.

The U.S. Government has provided more than $10 million to the OAU over the last five years to support institutional conflict resolution capabilities. Specifically, the United States funded the construction of the Conflict Management Center in Addis that will monitor and manage potential conflicts and the prepositioning of equipment for a 100-troop quick-reaction military observer force to be deployed anywhere in Africa on short notice. Recently, the United States provided funding for military observers in Comoros and plans to sponsor a test in March 1998 of the Center's conflict management capabilities.

Recognizing the potentially stabilizing role sub-regional organizations can play, the United States supported the Intergovernmental Authority on Development in the Horn of Africa, recently provided $30 million in assistance to ECOMOG, the peacekeeping mission of the Economic Community of West African States, in support of its activities to foster peace and support the election process in Liberia and is encouraging security cooperation within the Southern African Development Community to pursue efforts to improve regional integration. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) also provides assistance through a sub-regional Sahelian organization -- the permanent Inter-State Committee on Drought Control in the Sahel -- to help defuse potential local conflicts.

The United States has provided training and funding to NGOs engaged in mediation and reconciliation efforts throughout the continent. Specifically, the United States supported the establishment of a radio station in Burundi to defuse a volatile situation, conflict resolution activities by the Carter Center, and various democracy education centers and establish regional hubs the Democratic Republic of the Congo to assist in grass roots institutions pursue democratic policies.

The United States is currently engaged in demobilization and reintegration efforts in 12 countries in Africa, most notably Angola.

Conflict prevention is a major focus of the President's Greater Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Justice Initiatives. The Department of Defense provides the bulk of training in peacekeeping skills through the International Military Education and Training program. The U.S. Information Agency provides conflict resolution training through its International Visitor Program and USAID primarily through NGOs and international entities.

The United States currently is implementing the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI) -- a training partnership among African and non-African countries. The ACRI will enhance African peacekeeping and conflict resolution capabilities.

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