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March 15, 2000 Urging Passage Of Common-Sense Gun Laws
March 14, 2000 Working To Advance Human Health Through The Human Genome
March 13, 2000 President Clinton Highlights New Data Supporting His Prescription Drug Plan
March 10, 2000 Working To Reduce Weather-Related Air Travel Delays
March 9, 2000 A Unified Vision For A Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
March 8, 2000 Fighting For A Pay Raise For America'S Working Families
March 7, 2000 Making The Case For Common-Sense Gun Legislation
March 3, 2000 Outlining American's Agenda For The Information Age
March 3, 2000 Working To Provide Vaccines To Developing Countries
March 2, 2000 Urging Congress To Pass A Real Patient'S Bill Of Rights
March 1, 2000 Working To Open China's Markets To America's High-Tech Industries

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