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August 31, 1998 Priorities For A Quality Education
August 27, 1998 Protecting America's Communities
August 25, 1998 Working To Ensure Better Food Safety
August 21, 1998 Welfare Caseloads Continue to Decline
August 14, 1998 Supporting America's Families in Times of Distress
August 12, 1998 Helping America's Farmers During a Difficult Time
August 11, 1998 Clean Water for Healthy Families
August 10, 1998 Fighting for a Patients' Bill of Rights
August 7, 1998 A Strong Economy As We Approach the 21st Century
August 6, 1998 Expanding The Brady Law
August 5, 1998 A Domestic Agenda for the 21st Century
August 4, 1998 Moving People From Welfare To Work
August 3, 1998 Investing In America's Youth

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