Monday, August 3, 1998


This is a moment of great possibility for America. Our economy continues to grow steadily, new industries are coming into being, creating new jobs -- jobs that demand new skills - jobs we cannot even imagine yet. This is one of those rare moments in American history when we have a chance to act -- not because of a crisis, but because of a great opportunity. We cannot let this moment pass us by.

President Bill Clinton
August 3, 1998

Today, President Clinton travels to the Prince George's County Hospital Center, where he will discuss the importance of investing in youth through education, training, and summer jobs. The President will convey his serious concern about the Republican Labor-Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill under consideration in the House of Representatives that would dramatically cut our commitment to education and job training, and promise to veto this bill if it passes as currently written.

The President's Agenda For Education. As we prepare for the challenges of the 21st Century, strengthening our educational system is one of the most important ways we can help our children, so they are prepared to compete and thrive in the future. President Clinton is committed to giving children the tools they need to succeed, and is working to make education more affordable and accessible for our children, including:

House Republicans Want To Eliminate The Summer Jobs Program. Under the House Republican bill, up to 530,000 disadvantaged young people would be denied the opportunity to gain skills and valuable work experience during the summer months. Studies show that the Summer Jobs Initiative works. A recent report concluded that more than three out of four young people enrolled in the program would have been jobless without it.

House Republicans Retreat From Support For Education. Republicans in the House of Representatives are advancing a bill that denies educational and training opportunities to the young people of America. The House bill would:

Challenging Congress To Strengthen Education And Training. Instead of dramatically reducing the access students have to summer jobs, tutors, and after-school programs, President Clinton is calling on Congress to support his efforts to improve our educational system so our children are taught in a world-class learning environment that gives them every opportunity to gain the knowledge they will need in the 21st Century.

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