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Order Government Publications
U.S. Government Printing Office
Information published by a wide variety of Federal Government agencies. Information products may be ordered from the Goverment Printing Office's Superintendent of Documents. Search, retrieve, and connect to online Federal government information.
The CLC Bulk Mailing List
General Services Administration
The Consumer Information Center provides a quarterly catalog of free and low-cost consumer publications. You can view the publications and catalog free of charge online, order a single printed copy for yourself, or subscribe for twenty or more copies for your organization.
Online Postal Services
U.S. Postal Service
Both consumers and businesses can use this online source of Postal services, news, information, policies and forms. Special features include finding ZIP Codes, tracking Express Mail, locating your local Post Office and printing change-of-address forms.
Search the Electronic Blue Pages
General Services Administration
The "Blue Pages" Telephone Directory on the World Wide Web provides an Internet-based resource for locating Government Services.
Federal Trade Commission Actions
Federal Trade Commission
This service offers electronic copies of recent Federal Trade Commission documents, in both text and PDF formats.
Search EPA's Publications
Environmental Protection Agency
Search through EPA's publications database.
Consumer Protection and Business Education
Federal Trade Commission
ConsumerLine offers the full text of approximately 150 consumer and business publications on a wide range of categories, including credit, investments, health and fitness, telemarketing, home and real estate products and services, automobiles, and shopping and working at home.
Researcher's Housing Information
Department of Housing and Urban Development
You'll find a substantial array of research, publications, and other information on housing, economic development, and communities in HUD's research library.
How to Buy Used Federal Property
General Services Administration
Brochure on how to buy used Federal Property

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