Report Product-Related Injuries
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumers can electronically report any injury or death involving consumer products to the CPSC. Follow-up may occur to obtain more details or confirm information sent. Consumer information on recall notices, publications and products under jurisdiction of other Federal agencies.
Report Complaints about Fraud
Federal Trade Commission
The National Fraud Information Center, a project of the National Consumers League, maintains a toll-free Consumer Assistance Service, at 1-800-876-7060, to provide consumers with answers to questions about telephone or mail solicitations, information about how and where to report fraud, referralservices, and help in filing complaints.
Telemarketing Information
Federal Trade Commission
This service offers a variety of information about ways consumers can protect themselves from telemarketing fraud.
Auto Recall and Safety
DOT - National Highway Traffic Safety Adminitration
Auto recall, service bulletins, vehicle questionaire, new car assessment (crash tests) and child seat registration.
Fair Housing Complaints
Department of Housing and Urban Development
If you believe that your rights under Federal Fair Housing laws have been violated, you can find out how to file a complaint.
Homeowner Refund
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Find out if HUD owes you money! If you had an FHA-insured mortgage, you may be eligible for a refund of part of your insurance premium or a "distributive share." See if your name is on the list, and if it is, follow the instructions for getting your refund. Have you been contacted by someone who asks for a fee in return for getting you a refund from HUD/FHA? Read our Refund Alert.
Learn About Your Community
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Learn how your community plans to spend its Federal dollars. Do you have comments or suggestions? Send them to the person listed as your community's "contact".
Lead Hazard Control
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Whether you own or rent your home, you need to know about lead hazards.
Consumer Protection and Business Education
Federal Trade Commission
"ConsumerLine" offers the full text of approximately 150 consumer and business publications on a wide range of categories, including credit, investments, health and fitness, telemarketing, home and real estate products and services, automobiles, and shopping and working at home.
Federal Trade Commission Actions
Federal Trade Commission
This service offers electronic copies of recent Federal Trade Commission documents, in both text and PDF formats.
The CLC Bulk Mailing List
General Services Administration
The Consumer Information Center provides a quarterly catalog of free and low-cost consumer publications. You can view the publications and catalog free of charge online, order a single printed copy for yourself, or subscribe for twenty or more copies for your organization.
The U.S. Coast Guard Online
Department of Transportation -- U.S. Coast Guard
Browse publications, reports, regulation, forms, safety alerts and the Sea Partners Program for community education and outreach. Research the philosophy, programs, activities, and admission requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.
Understand Your Consumer Rights
U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs
The Consumer's Resource Handbook provides consumers with a guide to resolving complaints, acquiring information, and contacting corporations and government offices.

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