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Welcome to the White House's celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage month. In honor of this month, we have brought together profiles of a few of the many Asian and Pacific Americans serving in the Clinton Administration -- and an overview of the President's accomplishments on behalf of Asian and Pacific Americans.

America is strongest when all Americans have the opportunity to make the most of their lives, to contribute their talents to our country. That is why President Clinton has fought consistently to keep the American Dream alive for all Americans who are willing to work for it. He's balanced the budget, strengthened our national commitment to education, made college affordable to all our citizens, and built new ties of international trade. And in so doing, he has opened the doors of opportunity even wider to Americans of every race, color, and station in life.

In the following pages, you will also see that President Clinton has worked very hard to build an Administration that reflects the best of America -- that draws upon the talents of all our people. He has appointed a record number of Asian and Pacific Americans to some of the highest offices of government -- from Bill Lann Lee, Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, to Nancy-Ann Min Deparle, Administrator of the Health Care Finance Administration, to Robert Gee, Assistant Secretary of Energy. And the President has nominated more Asian and Pacific Americans to the federal bench than any other Administration, including the Honorable A. Wallace Tashima, Judge U.S. Ninth Circuit Court.

Since the beginning of our nation, Americans have come from all corners of the world. We are a people of many colors, creeds, and religions bound by a shared faith in freedom and the American Dream. And working together, we have built and will continue to build the world's strongest and most diverse democracy for the 21st Century.

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