Nearly 200 Asian/Pacific American appointees have worked as part of the Clinton Administration. Below are a few examples of what some of them are thinking as we celebrate Asian and Pacific American Heritage month.


"As an Asian American in the Clinton Administration, I believe that I have made a difference in my community by educating policy makers within the Administration and on Capitol Hill about issues that impact Asian Pacific Americans."


"Working to promote trade and investment between Asia and the U.S. has been an important part of my work at the International Trade Administration during the last four plus years. Just since last August, I made two trips to India, one trip to China, and one trip to Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This work has become even more important as several Asian countries are struggling to recover from their economic difficulties."


"It is an honor and a privilege to serve as a member of President Clinton's Administration, and to work toward forging a visionary energy policy for our nation's future. Moreover, as an Asian-Pacific American, I am proud to be a representative of our country's strength and commitment toward diversity. This is critical as we move into the next millennium, during which the course of our history will be profoundly shaped --without changing the foundation or the promise of America itself."


"As the only Asian Pacific American administrator in the history of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I have an opportunity to serve the public and ensure that Asian Pacific Americans are represented at all policy levels throughout the federal government."


"Today is a great moment in the history of the United States where a vision of change can be strongly felt in all segments of America. Personally, I feel a strong moral obligation to ask Asian & Pacific Americans to join President Clinton and his Administration on a national level to help develop national policies in assisting them to better their lives through education, job creation, cohesive literacy and citizenship education programs."


"I joined the Clinton Administration in September 1997 as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs in USDA. In addition to promoting and protecting U.S. agriculture, I am actively involved in the President's Initiative on Race --One America in the 21st Century. I firmly believe in our ethnic and racial diversity and the democratic principles which unite us as a nation."


"Serving in a presidential administration is probably my once in a lifetime experience. My appointment has afforded me opportunities to work with a cross-section of our citizenry, including our Asian Pacific American communities across the country."


"I am indeed honored to serve as a member of the Clinton Administration because of the President's clear commitment to the well-being of all of America's people --regardless of color, regardless of means, and regardless of age. As are my colleagues, I am cognizant of the extraordinary opportunity which we all have to ensure that our nation has a strong policy and program foundation from which to proceed into the 21st century. The President's leadership on efforts to modernize Social Security and Medicare and his Race and Health initiative are important examples of his vision and his boldness, and they are examples of initiatives which can have a dramatic impact upon the quality of life of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans."


"I think President Clinton has truly demonstrated his desire to ensure that the administration looks like the rest of America. Understanding that diversity of experience is a proven strength. As an Asian-American Appointee, I have found my background to be particularly helpful in my work in the East Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau at the State Department, and I am grateful for the chance to make a contribution."

APA Heritage Month
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