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  Dr. Neal Lane 
Assistant to the President for 
Science and Technology Policy
National Science and
Technology Council
President Clinton established the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) by Executive Order on November 23, 1993. This Cabinet-level Council is the principal means for the President to coordinate science, space, and technology to coordinate the diverse parts of the Federal research and development enterprise. The President chairs the NSTC. Membership consists of the Vice President, Assistant to the President for Science and technology, Cabinet Secretaries and Agency Heads with significant science and technology responsibilities, and other White House officials.
An important objective of the NSTC is the establishment of clear national goals for Federal science and technology investments in areas ranging from information technologies and health research, to improving transportation systems and strengthening fundamental research. The Council prepares research and development strategies that are coordinated across Federal agencies to form an investment package aimed at accomplishing multiple national goals.

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