National Science and Technology Council

One of the most important tasks that the NSTC performs is to prepare coordinated R&D strategies and budget recommendations to orient science and technology toward achieving national goals. To do so, the NSTC established five goal-oriented committees.
  1. Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
  2. Committee on International Science, Engineering, and Technology
  3. Committee on National Security
  4. Committee on Science
  5. Committee on Technology

Each committee is chaired by a senior official or officials from a Federal agency/department and is co-chaired by a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Senate-confirmed Associate Director.  In addition the NSTC has established an interagency working group to implement recommendations found in the August 1999 President's Committee of Advisors for Science and Technology Report Powerful Partnerships.

A private sector President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology assists the Council to ensure that Federal science and technology policies reflect the full spectrum of the Nation's needs.

For further information contact:

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Office of Science and Technology Policy
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