CEA Publications

Cover Graphic of Economic Report


The 2000 Economic Report of the President


Cover Graphic of Changing America Chartbook

Changing America:
Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being
by Race and Hispanic Origin


White Papers

Educational Attainment and Success in the New Economy
An Analysis of Challenges for Improving Hispanic Students' Achievement (June 15, 2000)
PDF Information (55 kb)

Opportunities and Gender Pay Equity in New Economy Occupations PDF Information (49 kb)

Teens and Their Parents in the 21st Century:
An Examination of Trends in Teen Behavior and the Role of Parental Involvement
PDF Information (341 kb)

The Uses of Census Data: An Analytical Review

20 Million Jobs: January 1993 - November 1999 PDF Information (67 kb)

America's Interest in the World Trade Organization: An Economic Assessment

The Effects of Welfare Policy and the Economic Expansion on Welfare Caseloads: An Update

Families and the Labor Market, 1969-1999: Analyzing the "Time Crunch" PDF Information (84 kb)

Monthly Economic Indicators
A Publication of the CEA and Joint Economic Committee

Link to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration to Access
Growth and Competition in U.S. Telecommunications 1993-1998:
A Progress Report by the Council of Economic Advisers

Link to "What's New at the White House" to Access
The Kyoto Protocol and the President's Policies to Address Climate Change:
Administration Economic Analysis



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