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August 31, 1998

Remarks by President During Education Roundtable Discussion

Remarks by President at Opening of Education Roundtable

August 28, 1998

President Clinton Commemorates the 35th Anniversary Of The March On Washington

August 27, 1998

President Clinton Announces A Guide For Safe Schools

August 24, 1998

Presidential Statement On The Release Of Drunk Driving Statistics

August 20, 1998

Remarks of the President Regarding Military Strikes In Afghanistan and Sudan (Oval Office, Washington DC)

Remarks of the President Regarding Military Strikes In Afghanistan and Sudan (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts)

August 13, 1998

President Clinton Honors The Men and Women Who Lost their Lives In The Bombings Of American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

August 11, 1998

Remarks by The President at Safe Drinking Water Event

August 10, 1998

President Clinton Speaks About Patients' Bill Of Rights

President Clinton Welcomes Plan to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Information Technology

August 07, 1998

President Clinton Signs The Workforce Investment Act Of 1998

Climate Change Analysis Document The Kyoto Protocol and the President's Policies to Address Climate Change:
Administration Economic Analysis

A Publication in PDF Format (408 kb)

August 06, 1998

Remarks Of The President At Brady Law Event

August 04, 1998

President Clinton Speaks About Welfare Reform

August 03, 1998

President Clinton Speaks At A Summer Jobs Event

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