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Advisory Board

- About the Advisory Board -
The seven member Race Initiative Advisory Board was established to counsel the President on ways to improve the quality of American race relations. Currently, the Board is working with the President to:
  • Promote national dialogue on race issues;
  • Increase the nation's understanding of the history and future of race relations;
  • Identify and create plans to calm racial tension and promote increased opportunity for all Americans; and
  • Address crime and the administration of justice.

- Advisory Board Meetings -
Throughout the Initiative, Advisory Board members are reaching out to the nation to better engage the public in the President's efforts. As part of this outreach, the Advisory Board is holding a series of open meetings across the country to discuss their work and findings with the public. Visit this site for complete transcripts and materials from the Advisory Board Meetings.

The Advisory Board Report PDF Information (1,414 kb)

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