Inside the 
White House

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W elcome to the fall issue of Inside the White House, a newsletter that provides information about some of the interesting things happening in Washington, D.C. This issue focuses on the White House Military Office -- a staff of dedicated men and women who work behind the scenes to help the President perform his duties and to make the White House a welcoming place for visitors from around the world.

Clinton Photo You may be surprised to learn that members of our Nation's Armed Forces are directly involved with so many of the President's day-to-day activities. I rely on the staff of the Military Office to oversee my travel, assist me in hosting visiting dignitaries, provide music at official functions, and maintain Camp David, the presidential retreat. If you've ever seen Air Force One or a presidential motorcade arrive in your town, watched a State Arrival (a visit to the White House by a foreign leader) on television, or read about a high-level meeting at Camp David, you should know that members of the White House Military Office helped to make each of these events go safely and smoothly.

I hope you enjoy reading about the many responsibilities of the White House Military Office staff. Just like their fellow Armed Service members who defend our interests around the globe, these men and women work every day to maintain America's security, honor, and national pride.

Bill Clinton [signature]