Friday, January 29, 1999


Changes in technology and commerce and patterns of living don't make our cities obsolete. They give us a chance to come together as only great and growing communities can, to make our cities more dynamic, more exciting, more livable for more people than ever before. I look forward to that challenge.

President Bill Clinton
January 29, 1999

Today, President Clinton addresses the U.S. Conference of Mayors, where he will outline an ambitious agenda to strengthen our cities for the 21st Century through increased economic opportunity, a commitment to continued crime reduction, safer and better schools, and a pledge to preserve our green spaces and allow communities to grow in a sensible manner. In addition, the President will announce new figures showing that our nation's economy remains strong and stable.

Encouraging Economic Development In Our Nation's Cities. Today, the Clinton Administration releases an interim State of the Cities report, showing that since 1992, unemployment in our central cities has dropped 40 percent and large cities have seen a 27 percent reduction in crime. While these figures show dramatic improvement has occurred in our cities, there is more we must do. President Clinton's budget proposal for fiscal year 2000 calls for:

Safe Cities Will Be Strong Cities In The 21st Century. The President's budget proposal includes a 21st Century crime bill that will: (1) help communities hire and redeploy at least 30,000 new officers to help reduce crime, (2) enlist probation and parole officers, school officials and faith-based organizations to take our streets back from crime, and (3) give police high-tech tools to fight crime, from digital mugshots to crime-mapping computers in squad cars.

Strengthening Education To Prepare Our Children For The Jobs Of Tomorrow. As we enter the 21st Century, nothing will be more important to our continued economic growth than giving our children a world-class education. The President's education plan calls for:

Working With Communities To Sustain Growth And Ensure A High Quality Of Life. As part of the Clinton-Gore Livability Agenda, the Administration will continue to work with and learn from states, cities, and communities and help them:

America's Economy Remains Strong And Stable. The President will announce that in the fourth quarter of 1998 our gross domestic product grew at a 5.6% annual rate and business investment grew at a 21 percent annual rate. These figures are continuing proof that our economy remains strong under the President's leadership -- we are currently in the longest peacetime economic expansion in American history, which is being led by private sector investment, and business investment has grown at a double-digit rate for six consecutive years -- the first time on record.

Clinton/Gore Administration's Agenda for Communities

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