President's Activities on March 11

President Clinton with Central American leaders
                    in outdoor chapel of Casa Santo Domingo,
                    Antigua, Guatemala.On the final day of his Central America trip, the President will meet with regional leaders at a Summit Meeting held at Casa Santo Domingo, a beautiful and historic complex in the colonial town of Antigua. During the Summit, President Clinton will reaffirm his commitment to continue this progress, and discuss with his Central American counterparts additional steps we can take towards reducing trade and investment barriers, promoting microenterprise, improving environmental protection, and controlling illegal migration. He will also outline the progress the United States and the nations of Central America have made together since the Summit in San Jose in May 1997. In addition, he will reinforce the Administration's ambitious agenda for completing the region's transformation into a peaceful, democratic and prosperous community of nations.

After their morning meeting, the leaders will share lunch at the nearby church and convent of Santa Clara near La Union Park, famous for its Mayan handicrafts market. The church was founded in 1699 by nuns who arrived from Puebla, Mexico. The convent originally had two stories and rooms for 46 nuns, an infirmary, a dining hall, and a dungeon. The Santa Clara nuns were said to have better facilities and an less rigorous mission than nuns in other Antigua convents. Santa Clara was damaged in the 1717 earthquake and rebuilt with a larger plaza, and then destroyed in the great earthquake of 1773.

The leaders will return to Casa Santo Domingo after lunch to sign the Summit communique and deliver closing statements.

After the Summit adjourns, the President will return to Washington, D.C., arriving at Andrews Air Force Base late Thursday evening.

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