Briefings from the President's Trip to Central America

President Clinton Highlights U.S. Support for Regional Cooperation at Antigua Summit (3/11/99)

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, et al. (3/10/99)

Press Briefing by White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart (3/9/99)

Press Briefing by Secretary of Army Louis Caldera and Commander and Chief of Southern Command General Charles Wilhelm (3/9/99)

Peace Corps Director Mark Gearan Speaks With Reporters Aboard Air Force One (3/8/99)

Pretrip Briefing

Press Briefing By National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Deputy Chief Of Staff Maria Echaveste, USAID Administrator Brian Atwood, Acting Assistant Secretary Of State Peter Romero, Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs Tim Geitner, and Major General John Maher, Joint Chiefs of Staff (3/4/99)


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