White House Conference on 
Child Care

On October 23, the President and the First Lady will host the White House Conference on Child Care in the East Room of the White House, bringing together parents, caregivers, business leaders and child care experts. The conference will explore how the pu blic and private sectors can respond to the need that Americans who are struggling to be both good parents and good workers have for safe, affordable child care.

Many parents choose to stay home and care for their children themselves. Yet millions of Americans, by choice or necessity, rely on child care and after-school programs to care for their children for part of each day. The conference is intended to begin a dialogue on three critical child care issues --access, affordability, and assuring safety and quality --and to highlight the roles that everyone --including communities, businesses, child care providers, Federal, state and local governments, and parent s themselves --can play in addressing these issues.

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