Asian Pacific American Heritage Month


Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release July 21,1999


Today, I join the Asian Pacific American Community in calling on the Republican Majority to immediately schedule a vote on the confirmation of Bill Lann Lee as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

Some 20 months ago the President nominated Mr. Lee to be the top civil rights enforcer in this nation, but the Republican Majority continues to hold his nomination hostage, simply because he agrees with the ideas and policies of this Administration. This is unfair treatment of a qualified individual who deserves his day before the Senate of the United States.

No one disputes the fact that Mr. Lee is qualified for the job. In the last two years as Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Mr. Lee has done a tremendous job in fighting for equality and opportunity for all Americans. He's been a strong and effective advocate in such areas as disability rights, housing discrimination, worker exploitation and hate crimes.

With the recent incidents of violent hate crimes, now more than ever we need our top civil rights officer confirmed and fully installed in the post of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

I am proud to stand with the Asian Pacific American Community, and indeed the vast coalition of Hispanic, African-American, disabilities, religious, and civil rights organizations that support Bill Lann Lee to be our Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

Bill Lann Lee, the Clinton/Gore Administration's nominee for the highest civil rights post in the nation deserves a full and fair debate in the Senate.



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