Learn and Serve America

Learn and Serve America supports service-learning programs that address local needs in education, public safety, human services, and the environment. Service-learning involves students in service to communities as part of their academic experience.

Learn and Serve America has two components:

What are examples of Service-learning programs?

Service-learning programs engage young people in community activities that show them how academic skills can be used to solve real-life problems. While doing so, service-learning programs help students understand the meaning of citizenship and their ability to determine and affect the quality of life in their communities.

To address needs of homeless people for example, elementary school students might plan, prepare and serve lunch in a shelter on a weekly basis as part of health education class. By creating and serving balanced meals, students not only learn nutrition basics, they also establish relationships with people different from themselves and gain an understanding of the conditions that lead to homelessness. In higher education, nursing students might help operate a community health center serving low-income people. While the students acquire practical experience in their field of study, they also help meet health needs that local budgets cannot afford.

Learn and Serve America: Getting Youth Started in
America's Tradition of Service

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