This document was prepared under the guidance of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The NSTC, chaired by the President, is a Cabinet-level council charged with coordinating science, space, and technology policies throughout the Federal Government. An important objective of the NSTC is to establish clear national goals for federal science and technology investments. The NSTC includes the Vice President, the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, the Cabinet Secretaries and agency heads with responsibility for significant science and technology programs, and other key White House officials.

The Committee for National Security of the National Science and Technology Council produced this document, with Chapter 4 prepared in cooperation with the NSTC Committee on International Science, Engineering, and Technology. While the members of these committees brought the perspectives of the Federal agencies in which they serve, they also accounted to a larger interagency review of Federal science and technology expenditures aimed at ensuring our nation's security with maximum efficiency and efficacy. In this undertaking, both committees relied upon a staff team from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Significant and valued contributions were made by agency representatives who represented Committee principals and who also reflected the spirit of interagency collaboration.

Committee for National Security


Dr. Paul Kaminski Under Secretary for Acquisition and Technology, Department of Defense Ms. Jane Wales, Associate Director Office of Science and Technology Policy Senior Director, National Security Council
Dr. Victor H. Reis
Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs
Department of Energy
Dr. Gordon M. Adams
Associate Director
Office of Management and Budget
Mr. Leon Fuerth
National Security Adviser
Office of the Vice President
Mr. Robert Bell
Senior Director
National Security Council
Mr. Daniel B. Poneman
Senior Director
National Security Council
Mr. W. Bowman Cutter
Deputy Assistant to the President
National Economic Council
General John R. Dailey
Associate Deputy Administrator
Dr. Mary L. Good
Under Secretary for Technology
Department of Commerce
Mr. William Reinsch
Under Secretary for Export Administration
Department of Commerce
The Honorable Thomas McNamara
Assistant Secretary for Political/Military Affairs
Department of State
Mr. James V. Hirsch
Deputy Director of Science and Technology
Central Intelligence Agency
The Honorable John Holum
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

The Committee on International Science, Engineering, and Technology is Co-Chaired by Mr. Timothy Wirth, Under Secretary for Global Affairs, Department of State; Dr. Carol Lancaster, Deputy Administrator, Agency for International Development; and Ms. Jane Wales, Associate Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy staff team includes Dr. Gerald J. Hane, Lt. Col. Thomas A. Fuhrman, USAF, and Dr. Christopher F. Chyba.

This national strategy builds on the ideas and recommendations offered in a forum on The Role of Science and Technology in National Security and Global Stability held March 29 and 30, 1995, as well as the following policy documents: A National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement (February 1995); Defense Science and Technology Strategy (September 1994); National Military Strategy of the United States of America (February 1995); Annual Report to the President and the Congress-William J. Perry, Secretary of Defense (February 1995); Second to None: Preserving America's Military Advantage Through Dual-Use Technology (February 1995); Dual-Use Technology: A Defense Strategy for Affordable, Leading-Edge Technology (February 1995); Science and Technology, A Report of the President (1995); Technology for America's Economic Growth (February 1993); Bridge to a Sustainable Future, National Environmental Technology Strategy (April 1995); Strategies for Sustainable Development (March 1994); Addressing Emerging Infectious Disease Threats (1994); Committee on National Security-Strategic Implementation Plan (March 1995), and Committee on International Science, Engineering, and Technology-Strategic Implementation Plan (March 1995); Committee on Education and Training-Strategic Implementation Plan (March 1995).

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