The President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
Energy Research and Development Panel

John P. Holdren (Chairman)
Teresa and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy
Harvard University
John Ahearne
Adjunct Professor of Civil and
Environmental Engineering, and
Lecturer in Public Policy
Duke University, and
Director, Sigma Xi Center

Richard Balzhiser
President Emeritus
Electric Power Research Institute

Joan T. Bok
Chairman of the Board
New England Electric System

Robert W. Conn
Dean, School of Engineering
University of California,
San Diego

William L. Fisher
Barrow Chair
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Texas at Austin

Thomas L. Fisher
Chairman, President and CEO
NICOR, Inc., and
Northern Illinois Gas

Robert A. Frosch
John F. Kennedy School of
Harvard University

William Fulkerson
Senior Fellow, Joint Institute for
Energy and Environment
University of Tennessee
Former Associate Director
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Hal Harvey
Executive Director
The Energy Foundation

Daniel A. Lashof
Senior Scientist
Natural Resources Defense

Diana MacArthur
Chair and CEO
Dynamac Corporation

Lawrence T. Papay
Senior Vice President and
General Manager
Technology and Consulting
Bechtel Corporation

Donald L. Paul
Vice President for Technology
and Environmental Affairs
Chevron Corporation

Maxine Savitz
General Manager
Allied Signal Ceramic

Laura Tyson
Class of 1939 Professor of
Economics and Business
University of California, Berkeley

Charles M. Vest
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

Virginia V. Weldon, M.D.
Senior Vice President,
Public Policy
Monsanto Company

Robert H. Williams
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Energy and
Environmental Studies
Princeton University

Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu
Member, Research Staff
Thomas J. Watson Research Center

John Young
Former President and CEO
Hewlett-Packard Co.

Panel Associates

Brian C. Elliott
Vice President
Northern Illinois Gas

Jefferson W. Tester
H P. Meissner Professor of
Chemical Engineering, and
Director, Energy Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

Study Executive Director

Samuel F. Baldwin
National Science and
Technology Council
Agency Representative

1Deputy to Thomas L. Fisher.
2Deputy to Charles Vest.


James T. Bartis
RAND Corporation

Mark Bernstein
Office of Science and Technology Policy

Ellison Burton
Dynamac Corporation

Paul de Sa
Harvard University

Miriam Forman
National Science and Technology Council
Agency Representative

Beverly Hartline
Office of Science and Technology Policy

Rod Judkins
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

David Pelly
Harvard University

Susan Resetar
RAND Corporation

Ambuj Sagar
Harvard University

Administrative Staff

Lorraine Cox
Department of Energy

Nikki Kelly
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Carol Luszcz
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Cluster Myers
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This was a Panel of twenty-one persons of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, tackling an immensely complex subject. Inevitably, not every member of the Panel is entirely happy with every formulation in the report. But we are unanimous that the main messages and overall balance in this joint product are correct and appropriate.
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