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MAX Status

The Mid-Session database is locked. You can still download Mid-Session data and order reports.

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blue ball Training schedule
blue ball Production schedule

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Budget Documents

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-11
Explanation of MAX Edit Checks
Listing of OMB Agency/Bureau and Treasury Codes
blue ball OMB Circular No. A-34
blue ball Preparation of the FY 2001 budget and supporting data PDF Information (39 k)

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FACTS II and the P&F Schedule

blue ball Introduction
blue ball List of P&F accounts that have been populated with FACTS II data
blue ball Crosswalk between FACTS II data and the P&F Schedule for these accounts PDF Information (4.2 M)

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MAX A-11 Documents

blue ball Notification of software and hardware requirements
blue ball Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System
blue ball MAX A-11 User's Guide
blue ball Agency Budget Survey

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Possibility of Automating Budget Text

blue ball Overview of the Budget Text Process
blue ball Budget Text Preparation Questionnaire
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MAX A-11 Software

blue ball MAX A-11 Data Entry Software (FY2001) Release 7.1.1
(self-extracting archive, 1.5 mb)
blue ball Updated "Help" file for MAX A-11 Data Entry

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blue ball Feedback form on the MAX A-11 System