FACTS II and the P&F Schedule

For the first time ever, agencies reported year-end budget execution and accounting data to OMB and Treasury using the FACTS II system. FACTS II allows agencies to submit one set of year-end financial data that meets the needs of both the SF 133 Reports on Budget Execution and the FMS 2108 Year-End Closing Statements.

The prior year column in 300 accounts in the P&F Schedule was updated using the FACTS II data. With the exception of Line 9000, Net Outlays, you may over-write any of these amounts.

blue ball List of P&F accounts that have been populated with FACTS II data

The following report shows how the accounting data that agencies reported to FACTS II was used to populate certain lines in the P&F Schedule. For further information about Standard General Ledger (SGL) accounts and other accounting data that agencies reported to FACTS II, refer to Treasury Financial Manual Transmittal Letter No. S2 99-01. This guidance is available at www.fms.treas.gov/USSGL/FACTSII.

blue ball Crosswalk between FACTS II data and the P&F Schedule for these accounts PDF Information (4.2 M)

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