Legal Advisor

Special Assistant to
the President and Legal Advisor

In coordination with the White House Counsel, the Legal Office of the NSC advises and assists the President and the National Security Advisor on legal issues relevant to national security. The Office also provides legal advice to NSC staff members on matters arising in the course of their official responsibilities.

Among the issues on which the Office provides advice and assistance to the President are the interpretation of U.S. domestic law, international treaties, and customary international law arising in the consideration of national security issues. In providing this advice, the Legal Office works closely with the General Counsel of relevant agencies, the Justice Department, and the White House Counsel's office. The Office also reviews legislative proposals, particularly for implications for the President's foreign policy and commander-in-chief prerogatives. The Office reviews official documents going to the President for approval (e.g. reports to Congress, Presidential Determinations and certifications).

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