XI. Conclusion

As we approach the twenty-first century, our nation is secure and our standard of living remains among the highest in the world. As we benefit from the lowering of barriers across national boundaries and the globalization of trade in goods, services and ideas, we must nevertheless remain vigilant to the increasing threat posed by international crime. For as we benefit from these greater freedoms, so too do international criminals trafficking in drugs and weapons of mass destruction and engaging in fraud, theft and terrorism.

This global threat is real and potent. Criminals have long threatened Americans and U.S. businesses abroad. The effects of overseas criminal activities are increasingly felt, however, right here in America, in our homes and in our communities. These activities and those who carry them out must be dealt with decisively and with the full power of law enforcement, intelligence and diplomatic efforts. Only by concerted efforts at home and by forging alliances with our international partners will we ensure the protection of important U.S. interests today and tomorrow, at home and abroad.

This Strategy sets us on that course. It is an action plan consisting of specific goals and objectives which, when achieved, will lead us to a more secure and law abiding world in which Americans as well as our friends and allies abroad can prosper in peace.

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