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Amy Swisher
Communications Coordinator
First Day Foundation

Amy Swisher works with Hemmings Motor News as communications coordinator for the First Day Foundation in Bennington, Vermont. Founded and funded by Hemmings Motor News, the foundation's purpose is to promote a "First Day of School Holiday" initiative launched by Hemmings and the Bennington community in 1997. The program has since been adopted by nearly 400 schools in 35 states. The First Day of School Holiday is a simple and effective way to encourage greater parental involvement in education, starting on day one each year. Through her newsletter stories, group presentations and workshops, Ms. Swisher shares the First Day Firsthand accounts she has gathered from participating schools to illustrate the positive impact this "holiday" on the relationships among parents, teachers, schools and communities.

In addition to her work with First Day, Ms. Swisher is an experienced group facilitator who leads a self-advocacy course for teens at the high school in Bennington. She writes a monthly teen-issues column for the local newspaper in which she integrates the perspectives and insights of her students.

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