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April 28, 2000

Warm greetings to everyone participating in the "White House Conference on Teenagers: Raising Responsible and Resourceful Youth." This conference is in response to the concerns of parents across the country about the unprecedented challenges that today's teenagers face. We hope to provide parents with effective strategies they can use to help their teenagers navigate safely through the difficulties they may encounter during these pivotal years.

During their teens, young people are gaining the skills and confidence they will need as adults. At the same time, they may be exposed to negative influences that present significant risks to their well-being. At this conference, we will discuss what parents, communities, and young people themselves can do to ensure that today's teenagers become successful adults. A portion of the program will be broadcast via satellite, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for communities across the country to participate in our discussion and benefit from the views of the nation's foremost experts on healthy youth development.

We are pleased to welcome you to the White House, and we hope that this conference will help to ensure that the young people of today -- the most diverse group of teenagers in our nation's history -- will also be the most successful.

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