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"Time With Your Teens Campaign"

At the Conference, the President and First Lady announced a new public education campaign to raise awareness about the importance of parent-teen time, including family mealtime. The National Partnership for Women and Families, along with the Families and Work Institute, is organizing a national coalition to develop a public education campaign around this issue. The campaign will highlight the importance of business support for family time, the need for continued parental involvement in middle school and high school, and challenge parents and teens to make more time for one another.

In the federal workplace, the Office of Personnel Management will raise awareness among parents of teenagers about family-friendly tools that they can use--including flexible work schedules, job sharing and the use of leave--in order to make family time a priority. In addition, OPM will encourage agencies to provide information about teen development and teen issues at the workplace and encourage the establishment of support groups for parents of teenagers.

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