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Appendix B: Examples of Sustainable Development in Action

The Pollution Prevention Pilot Project
"There Aren't Enough Hours in the Day"
Regulatory Flexibility and Accountability in Action
Power, Leg Room, and 80 Miles to the Gallon
From the Top of a Mountain to the Heart of the City
Tools for Extended Product Responsibility
Responsible Care
Preserving the Long Island Pine Barrens
Oregon Benchmark -- Indicators of Progress
Friends of the Future
GLOBE: Hands-on Learning
Color Me Green
Partnership for Protection
Chattanooga: A City Remaking Itself
Nourishing Communities: Jordan Commons
Pattonsburg: A Town Renewal
California Sprawl
Creating Clean Jobs
Revitalizing Brownfield Sites
Mono Lake and "Drought-Proofing" Los Angeles
Protecting Louisiana Wetlands
The Return of the Atlantic Striped Bass
"They Didn't Expect Applause"
Teens Teaching Teens
New Economics for Women
Global Climate Change
Protecting a Rite of Autumn
Made in the USA: Exporting Environmental Technologies

Appendix C: List of Figures

Figure 1: Water Quality Violations
Figure 2: Personal Savings Rate
Figure 3: U.S. Family Income Distribution
Figure 4: Annual Soil Erosion From Cropland
Figure 5: U.S. Energy Intensity
Figure 6: Violent Crime
Figure 7: Public Participation: Voting for U.S. Representatives
Figure 8: Median Annual Earnings of Workers 25 Years Old and Over
Figure 9: Official Development Assistance
Figure 10: Enrollment in Institutions of Higher Education by Age
Figure 11: Industrial Ecology for Sustainability
Figure 12: Total U.S. Materials Use
Figure 13: Total West Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Catch
Figure 14: Alternative Temperate Rise Estimates Associated With Rising CO2 Concentration
Figure 15: Global CO2 Concentrations
Figure 16: Estimated Annual Deforestation Rates, by Country, 1980-90