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Interagency Task Force Members

According to the President's Executive Memorandum dated October 22, 1999, the Task Force shall be composed of the following members:

(1) Secretary of the Treasury
(2) Attorney General
(3) Secretary of the Interior
(4) Secretary of Agriculture
(5) Secretary of Commerce
(6) Secretary of Labor
(7) Secretary of Health and Human Services
(8) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
(9) Secretary of Transportation
(10) Secretary of Education
(11) Administrator of the Small Business Administration
(12) Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service
The Chairs of the Task Force may add such other officials and independent agencies as they deem appropriate to further the purposes of this effort or to participate in specific aspects of it. As the task force has yet to convene, no additional members have been added at this time.

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