The President's Commission to Study Capital Budgeting

Report of the



Executive Order 

The President's Commission to Study Capital Budgeting was established by Executive Order in 1997 and asked to submit its report to the White House National Economic Council. The report has been submitted and can be seen by clicking on the "Report of the Commission" title to the left. The other titles at the left identify additional materials that are also available on this website.  The title "Supporting Materials" includes testimony, staff papers, and other items.

The topics the Commission was asked to study, in summary, were: 

  • capital budgeting practices by other governments and the private sector and their pertinence for the Federal Government;
  • the appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting;
  • the role of depreciation in capital budgeting; and
  • the effect of a Federal capital budget on budgetary choices, implications for macroeconomic stability, and potential mechanisms for budgetary discipline.
The Executive Order on this website has the complete statement regarding the topics summarized above.

In accordance with the Executive Orders concerning the Commission, the Commission was terminated September 30, 1999.