Goal To prevent transmission of HIV infection through education of employees and patients.
Objective #1

Train and maintain cadre of professional staff to conduct HIV transmission and prevention education for patients and conduct pre- and post-test HIV antibody test counseling.

Action Steps
  1. Establish national training program to educate two professional staff from every VA medical center to conduct patient education and pre- and post-test counseling.
  2. Maintain on-going training program on limited basis to address turnover of staff and maintain cadre of counselors/patient educators.
Objective #2

Educate and maintain cadre of knowledgeable staff to teach all staff in VA health-care facilities on prevention and transmission of HIV infection.

Action Steps
  1. Develop a national "train the trainer" education program to educate selected staff from every VA Medical Center on how to organize and conduct staff educational activities on HIV transmission and prevention.
  2. Update training materials/revise strategies to maintain knowledgeable base of trainers for every facility.
Objective #3

Integrate HIV prevention education in addiction treatment programs.

Action Steps

Conduct national training program for professional staff in addiction treatment programs and Vet Centers on how to integrate HIV prevention education for patients in their treatment areas.

Objective #4

Stimulate innovative approaches to HIV/AIDS education at the local level (VA Medical Centers and communities).

Action Steps
  1. Award educational demonstration grants to HIV/AIDS education proposals on competitive basis.
  2. Facilitate system-wide dissemination of completed projects through annual publication and national quarterly newsletters.
Objective #5

Maintain education and information support systems.

Action Steps
  1. Continue AIDS awareness and education programs through national system of regional education centers and individual facility programs.
  2. Through library system, continue purchase of appropriate private and Federal sector videos, publications, posters, and other materials.
Objective #6

Prevent transmission of HIV in the health-care setting.

Action Steps
  1. Ensure on-going implementation of CDC recommendations on universal precautions, via policy.
  2. Ensure continuing implementation of OSHA rule on protection of health-care workers against bloodborne pathogens via policy.
  3. Provide national training program on interdisciplinary team training for staff from infection control, employee health, safety in all VAMCs to implement OSHA rule.

Prevention activities including education and universal precautions.

$ 31 million*
$ 31 million*
$ 31 million*

* Resources for universal precautions and education and are part of the general Medical Care Budget. FY 1995 figures are reported expenditures; FY 1996 and FY 1997 are based on the projected number of patients by category or stage of disease and estimated resources required, as reported in the President's budget.


Eligible veterans through local medical centers and facilities, local VA health-care and support staff, veteran patients and families, general public.


VA medical centers and health-care facilities, and local communities.



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