Plan of Action

The Background

Throughout the Mission’s travel in Africa, it was clear that President Clinton’s “Partnership with Africa” is making hope a reality, even at the village level. From Kampala to Cape Town, people across Africa know of this historic initiative. Unfortunately, AIDS threatens to decimate the progress of this partnership and everything else in its path. To protect and defend the legacy of growth and opportunity we have built with Africa, and the children and families who depend on it, an aggressive AIDS initiative, involving concrete action both at home and abroad, is essential.

Given the magnitude of the AIDS pandemic and its devastating impact on child survival, economic development, trade, regional stability, and civil society in Africa today, and in India tomorrow, the President established a Global AIDS Emergency Working Group.  Included were the National Security Council, Office of Management and Budget, Office of the Vice President, USAID, and the Departments of Defense, State, Treasury, Commerce, and HHS. The Office of National AIDS Policy coordinated this effort, and together the Working Group and the members of the Presidential Mission made specific recommendations.  These recommendations form the basis of the Plan of Action now put forward by the Administration.