Office of National AIDS Policy

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Thank you for visiting the home page for the White House Office of National AIDS Policy! We hope that this web site provides you with useful information on efforts by the Clinton/Gore administration to address the national and international AIDS pandemic.

Sandra Thurman, ONAP DirectorONAP was created by President Clinton and Vice President Gore to provide broad policy guidance and leadership on the Federal government's response to the AIDS epidemic.

We work closely with community-based and national organizations to discuss the Federal response to the AIDS epidemic, and to reflect their concerns in the development of Administration policies.

Among its responsibilities, ONAP works closely with the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, which provides essential input into our efforts. ONAP also created and facilitates an Interdepartmental Task Force on HIV/AIDS. This Task Force serves to foster communication and coordination among those Federal agencies involved in HIV/AIDS policy and initiatives.

Thank you for your efforts to care for those living with HIV and AIDS, to stop the spread of this terrible disease, and to support AIDS-related research. Only by working together will we be able to, one day, have a day without AIDS.

Sandra Thurman




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