The Challenge

It's time to bring effective interventions to scale. We know what works. Unfortunately, these proven interventions currently fail to reach the overwhelming majority of those in need. Successful small scale efforts must be dramatically expanded. While the magnitude of the global AIDS pandemic is far too extensive for any donor, host government, or multilateral institution to ignore, it is also too great for any single entity to address adequately by itself.

To make a real difference, an effective response must mobilize and coordinate the commitment and resources of the full range of key stakeholders, including governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral development bodies, international organizations, religious networks, the private sector, NGOs, families and communities, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS is everyone's problem and everyone must be a part of the solution.

The children

These are the faces of children and families living in a world with AIDS. Their spirit, their determination, and their resilience inspire all of us to join the fight.We are one world, and these children are our children. Their destiny is our destiny. Each of us can make a difference. Each of us can help save lives. Let us wage this holy war together. And for the sake of our children, we will win.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu