Legislative Analysts (or Attorneys) are responsible for managing the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) central legislative clearance process. The basic purpose of the clearance process is to ensure that Presidential policies are reflected correctly on legislative matters before the Congress.

The Analyst's basic responsibilities include:

Attributes required for the successful performance of these responsibilities include: (1) expressing oneself orally in a succinct and straightforward manner; (2) writing quickly, accurately, and clearly in a structured manner that synthesizes complex facts, analyses, and oral opinions; (3) excellent work management skills to ensure the completion of multiple tasks under externally imposed short deadlines; (4) establishing priorities when presented with conflicting demands; (5) objectivity in dealing with controversial and complex issues; (6) dealing effectively with officials at all levels of government; (7) negotiating and mediating constructive solutions to complex and contentious issues; (8) acquiring and understanding of the legislative process of the Federal Government; and (9) utilizing effectively the talents, knowledge, and expertise of staff in OMB and other agencies. Finally, one should enjoy working with diverse groups of people.

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